Lazy Lazy Lazy

So Sunday Funday,

My idea of fun nowadays is in my comfy clothes, tucked up in my bed with B watching a good film !! Well that is exactly what I have done today. I woke around 11 (lazy right?) and then made my way downstairs to cook breakfast with my mum and sister. We were having a fry up (grill up-healthier) I always enjoy a cooked breakfast sets me up for the day, not that I was having a very energetic day but if it means I wont be tempted to snack throughout the day then I’m in!!

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The Beloved B

Ok so here goes my blog about my fur baby. I am going to tell you from the moment I set eyes on her to the present day.

So her name is Barbie, I rescued her from the Blue Cross animal rescue centre. I had wanted a dog for so long and always wanted to recue one because quite frankly I’m a sucker for puppy eyes and the thought of some not having a forever home hits me hard. So that was my mission- to rescue a dog 🙂 harder than you think !!! all the dogs are cute and have such sad stories and you want to help them all but sadly I don’t have the room nor the money.

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A Journey to remember

depression & i:

I want to give you guys more of an insight of my journey over the last 18months of my life.

I know I gave you a brief insight of my depression and anxiety in one of my earlier posts called New Year Resolutions ? .

Well I thought I would create a whole post just about my Depression & Anxiety and my journey to where I am today. I feel like this blog is going to harder to write than I realise but getting the story out there will be good for me and I’m sure I am not the only person that has been in the situation.

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