Being an Auntie- Issue 1

Being an Auntie – Issue 1

I am not going to name my Nieces and nephew on my blogs so will give them nick names. For the eldest niece-Monkey#1, for my nephew-Monkey#2 and for my youngest niece-Monkey#3.

Lets start with Being an Auntie to Monkey#1: Born 3rd March 2009- 5 weeks early.

I was still at school when my sister told me I was going to be an aunty for the first time. I was so excited ! there was going to be a baby coming to the world and I will be there aunt! Me and my sister are super super close were more like best friends. So finding out that she was going to have baby was the most exciting thing I have heard in my life! (my 15years of life)

The pregnancy was going super fast and my sister didn’t really look pregnant ? she was one of these sickening people that looked amazing while pregnant.

So at 1am March 3rd I was woken up by the sound of my sister screaming. It was quite funny actually, she was just sat on the toilet scream “I’m not having the baby I just need a poo!!!” We lived next door to a paramedic so we called him in and he confirmed that my sister was definitely in labour. An ambulance was called and my sister, mum dad and brother in law went to the hospital. I was able to get some more sweet sweet sleep 🙂

At 4:57am weighing 5lb 3oz Monkey#1 was born and what a little beauty she was.

I was absolutely dying to see her !! My sister had to stay in the hospital for a few days because Monkey#1 was born early.

I am so in love with Monkey#1, every time I was available I would go and steal her and spend quality time with her- just me and her !

Monkey#1 will be turning 8 this March- where the hell that time has gone I will never know.

Monkey#1 is the most sweetest little girl you will ever meet! you know when some little girls are just moany and have terrible tantrums (me when I was younger) well Monkey#1 is nothing like that! she is always happy and smiling. Nothing ever fazes her! she takes everything in her stride…. If she cant get something right? she keeps going and will probably laugh when she keeps messing up.. because that is just what she is like no anger in this sweet little girl. Are you having a bad day? well have her around and I promise you she will cheer you up!!!

Monkey#1 isn’t your typical little girl though- she’s not into playing dolls and dressing up in pretty little dresses- She prefers to dress up like a superhero and playing games like ‘gooey looey’ and ‘stoopido’ but that is what makes her!! She can have you in stitches !! she dances goofy and her jokes are hilarious !!

One other thing you need to know about Monkey#1, she has brain that never forgets a thing!! you know sometimes you can bribe a child? but with an empty bribe. Well not her!! she remembers everything, even if it is months down the line, she will remember!! so empty bribes mean nothing but she is so well behaved you don’t really need to use bribes and my god is this girl bright!!! She makes me look stupid in a second- the tv programme ‘the chase’ she loves this programme and playing the game on the Ipad and its so surprising how many questions she gets right.

I haven’t got children and I know people say that you never know love until you have had children but come on? can that really be true? because I have never felt love quite like this.. I love my 3 little monkey’s so much that sometimes I worry I will run out of love?

Love my Monkey#1 🙂

Next blog to come: Monkey#2

Au Revoir


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