Being An Auntie- Issue 2

Being an Auntie – Issue 2

Next up: Monkey#2

Monkey number 2 was born 7th December 2011- One week early

Monkey#2 birth story is an interesting one!!

So I am just going to start from there: At 2:40 am my mum gets a phone call from my sister, she has gone into labour and needs us to get to her house ASAP!! my mum woke me, my dad and my other sister up- Of course we all wanted to go make sure she was ok and perhaps bring Monkey#1 home so they can go to the hospital.

As we entered my sisters house all we heard was my sister screaming! my mum knew that she wasn’t far off having the baby, we rushed up stairs and there she was, laying on her bed in so much pain. Me and my mum just rushed over, there was no time to take our coats off because Monkey#2 was on his way out!! He came out so fast that my mum had to catch him with her legs else he would have shot off the bed!

At 3am7th December Monkey#2 was born weighing 6lb 6oz.

He is perfect !

Monkey#2 has just turned 5. He is growing to be such a handsome young boy! he is so sensitive and loving. He is your typical boy when it comes to, cars and dinosaurs. However he is a proper girly pants when it comes to getting dirty- He hates it!! starts screaming if his hands get to dirty. The one thing that does make me laugh with Monkey#2 is he hates ‘bumpy bits’ now what I mean by this is when putting on Monkey#2’s socks  they have to be on perfect!! no ‘bumpy bits’ you know the bit thats is normal a shade darker to symbolise where your heel should be? yeah well that has to be in exactly the spot his heels are! and the toes part? well no excess sock should be hanging off!! He is extremely fussy about this and if its not right…. well he wont be walking anywhere!!

Monkey#2 also has a little girlfriend at school. They are inseparably! from the moment they see each other at school to the very last minute at the end of the day they are together and playing so cutely!!  He always tells me when he grows up, he is going to marry her and all he wants to be is a daddy.. how cute is that. That little boy makes my heart melt.

Having a bad day? all you want to do is relax and have cuddles? well call Monkey#2, he loves to watch a film especially ‘cars’ and cuddling… he’s just the best cuddlier ever!! and he never stops telling you that he loves you. What more could you want?

Monkey#2 once said that his older sister Monkey#1 was his hero- Its amazing and wonderful to watch how well these two get on.

“There’s this boy…..he kinda stole my heart, he calls me Auntie”

Next issue: Being An Auntie part 3- last but definetly not least is Monkey#3 and her story is the best- she is only 16 months old and yet been through so much- watch my page for this blog to come up 🙂


Au Revoir






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