Being An Auntie-issue 3

Being an Auntie – Issue 3- Last but definitely not least!!!

Monkey#3- Born 19th September 2015, 11 weeks early

Her life story so far is an amazing one!

My sister and brother in law would consider Monkey#3 to be a miracle a baby, it started from when they  were trying to conceive with her. It took them 3 years to get pregnant. My sister had tried every trick in the book to get caught but nothing was happening.

Finally! My sister told me the good news !! I was so so happy for her! She spent the next few weeks worry until she had her scan to confirm that little lady was there!

Here’s where it starts:

At 29 weeks my sisters water broke. I was at her house and she just quickly ran to the toilet thinking she was going to pee herself. She called me in and said ‘it wont stop, this wont be my waters will it?’ How would I know ? I have never been pregnant before. So better to be safe than sorry we rang the hospital. They asked for my sister to come in just to be checked over. So we phoned my mum who panicked like mad!! and off they went. I stayed behind to pick the kids up from school.

Well a few hours passed until I finally got a call- my sisters water had broken and they were taking her to Exeter hospital as they wasn’t equipped at the hospital they were at for a premature baby.

My sister was up there a few days with no sign of the baby coming. They had said on the Friday if there is no sign by tomorrow then my sister can come home.

Saturday 19th September at 10:45am weighing 2lb 11oz Monkey#3 was born.

Monkey#3 was in hospital for weeks and everyday she was alive was a blessing!! I got to see her a few days after she was born. I just couldn’t believe how small she was but just so perfect. It was so upsetting seeing her with all the wires and needles in her but this was what was helping her stay alive.

I would make frequent trips to the hospital with my sister. They would always be doing new procedures on her – which I could not stay and watch I had to leave the room. I could never watch that helpless little girl have all that done to her. The time come when she could move to the hospital closer to home. She was there only  couple days before things got drastically worse! she had caught an infection from the travel down from the other hospital. Once again she had to move back to Exeter as this hospital just wasn’t equipped. It was touch and go from that moment !! my mum and sister didn’t think Monkey#3 would make it.

Of course she made it through, this tiny little girl was a fighter! she pulled through and was fighting strong once again!! She then got moved closer to home again.

She was home before Christmas 🙂

So how is Monkey#3 now??

She is perfect in everyway, she is learning something new everyday – and she celebrated her 1st back in September 2016.

She has just started walking, repeating a lot of things you say. Also loves shouting for her Auntie LauLau 🙂 She is perfect and has a beautiful personality. Moany baby? no way! she is happy all the time always smiling and laughing and pretty much has everyone wrapped around her tiny little fingers.

Only an Aunt can love you like a mother, keep secrets like a sister, behave like a true friend and kick your butt if you need it!”

So there you have it, I have told you 3 separate stories about 3 of my most favourite little people in my life. I love these little Monkey’s with every inch of my heart and every time look at them my heart bursts with pride and I am so happy I get to be a part of their lives and watch them grow!

Hope you have enjoyed them 🙂 I am brain storming many ideas for more blogs.

Watch this space !!!

Au Revoir



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