Bloggers Update – Whats happened LaureenRose ?!

Bloggers update:

I am still alive and kicking fellow readers! My lack of blogging and updates have been horrific these past few weeks! Did you all see my last post? A males guide to female communication

I feel like a week in a nutshell post just wont cut it this time! So lets just take a recap of 2018 so far!

dry January 2018

I thought through January I would stay dry! I was determined to take on the task of drinking no alcohol! Not one tiny bit to cross my lips.
So how did I do? I smashed it! I made it the whole of January without drinking any alcohol. Pretty good right? I must have felt amazing after that month with no alcohol?  well to be honest I felt no different! I suppose I don’t drink enough alcohol for dry January to take effect! That is my excuse anyway and I am sticking to it.

Valentines 2018

It was my second year experiencing valentines day as a single women! Honestly? it really doesn’t bother me, its just another day, just with a lot of people posting about their loved ones! I got to spend my valentines day with an evening meal with my best friend! and the night before I had a date with Mr Grey! ladies If you haven’t watched that film yet please do! its the best of the three films and and really does end the trilogy well!

First night out of 2018

I ended my dry spell a couple of weeks ago with a good night out with some friends! OH and wasn’t it worth it. Malibu and coke going down nicely and a constant flow of tequila shots and this is before we have a left my house! I danced, I laughed, I drank a lot! and of course took many many selfies. It was one of the best nights I have had in a long while and the hangover lasted a whooping 2 days! However the memories and embarrassing stories will last a lifetime.

New buys so far

I want to say that I have bought new clothes and built my wardrobe up with lovely and stylish outfits! well I haven’t, I had just built my wardrobe up with more comfy and slouchy clothes! hoodies, leggings (I’m obsessed with branded leggings!) and over sized knitted jumpers! this is ok though right? I have my basic outfits that I feel are still stylish enough to wear! However I did buy a denim jacket which I feel was a great buy! I christened it by wearing it on my night out! Also purchased some basic midi skirts from Boohoo in black, light grey and charcoal grey! these skirts are great and very versatile!

Denim jacket bought from @ New

Midi skirts bought from

Gym update

I have still been going to the gym about 2/3 times a week! However this week I have been hit with a really horrible virus which has prevented me from going! I have wanted nothing more than to go to the gym but my health comes first and I have to get better and give my body the rest it needs else I will just make myself worse and will put going to the gym off even longer! I can feel the effects of not going to the gym, I feel bloated and sluggish and I do not think this is side affects of the virus!
I am feeling a lot better now so in the next couple of days I will be going back to the gym and making up for lost time!

Just an updated college of me and my journey!


Au Revoir



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