Bucket List for 2018

New year New me’. I hate this saying ! it should never be a new year for you to consider being a new you! Make this change anytime of the year!

Anyway ! I cannot believe it was a year ago since I made my last bucket list. Read that blog here: Bucket list for 2017

So lets start the new year off by creating a new bucket list! Reading back on my old list I feel that it was tad bit OTT so this year I have decided to tone it down a bit and set more ‘doable’ goals! 

LaureenRose’s bucket list for 2018:

  • Travel 
  • Invest in my blog/social media
  • Enrol myself on a course(s) 
  • Lose more weight
  • Business Venture?
  • Stay more positive & don’t take life to serious 
  • Learn that I am the only person who can truly make myself happy once I realise this I will be able to love and be happy around others 

Not bad list I don’t think ? I think its doable and very ambitious. 

Travel – I think this is something most people put on their bucket lists. When I say travel I don’t mean travelling the world with just my back pack. I just want to go on a few more holidays this year. whether they are for full weeks or just a few days away. Dublin is most definitely on my list to go back to ! 

Invest in my blog/social media –  Its been a year since I first started blogging. I haven’t been or wanted to be a ‘serious’ blogger however I really have noticed a change and how blogging has impacted my life. 

Enrol myself on a course(s) –  I have been looking into this for a long time and have found some brilliant online classes that I can do while still working – Open Study College ! The one I want to start with is a business management course ! Once I get some money together I will definitely be doing this. 

Lose more weight – This year I really have been focusing on my image! working out really has done me wonders! However I haven’t changed my diet that much so shedding the weight is getting harder as I suppose exercising can only do so much right? 

Business Venture – For obvious reasons I don’t want to go to much into this but me and my sister really have been looking into do something together ! Its really exciting. 

Stay more positive & don’t take life to serious & Learn that I am the only person who can truly make myself happy once I realise this I will be able to love and be happy around others – Well I suppose this may be quite difficult. However I am thinking  of new ways of coping and making myself more positive. Starting with yoga and reading mindfulness. I do not want to be relying on medication to make me happy. 

So there you have it, my 2018 Bucket List ! lets see if I can manage to get through the list and if I do how I will after I have accomplished them. 

Au Revoir 


One thought on “Bucket List for 2018

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