Love & the constant battle


So I’v been single for what – nearly 2 years ?? I cannot express enough how happy and content I feel ! I am not sad nor am I lonely. 

I will admit, there is some things about being single that aren’t so rosey! however these past 2 years have allowed me grow as a person. This may sound so ‘cliche’ but since becoming single I really have found myself. I thought I knew who I was and wanted before. Oh how wrong and naive young Laureen Rose was!

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Depression & I

Depression and the horrible reality:

I dont mean to write such a glum and sad blog just after Christmas but a part of me thought this would be a perfect time talk about depression 

We all know how wonderful and exciting Christmas can be and I am one of those people that is massively fond of the Christmas festivities. However I am also someone that really understands how lonely, frustrating and exhausting this time of year can be. 

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A Journey to remember

depression & i:

I have been thinking lately that I should be as open and honest as possible in my blog posts.So  I decided I want to give you guys more of an insight of my journey over the last 18months of my life and to continue my journey with you all.

I know I gave you a brief insight of my depression and anxiety in one of my earlier posts called New Year Resolutions ? .

Well I thought I would create a whole post just about my Depression & Anxiety and my journey to where I am today. I think this blog is going to be harder to write than I realise but getting the story out there will be good for me and I’m sure I am not the only person that has been in the situation.

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