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Happy Halloween bloggers!! How exciting is it when a celebration like this comes around! this is what makes people love winter that little bit more, we have firework night, Christmas and Halloween!. Its a time for people to have a bit of fun and it brings people together ! thats my intake on it anyway.
So like my last post Christmas is coming I am going to do one dedicated to Halloween! 

Trick or treat time- whats your chosen costume?

My choice would most definitely be a witch ! why? because its a classic and so much fun! you can either be an evil scary looking witch or you can be a sexy and sassy one! I think I would go looking like an old and wrinkly one because its halloween after all ! your meant to look scary. 

What was your favourite costume as a child? 

Now, when I was a kid we didn’t go out spending a lot of money on costumes like noway days! our parents had to be inventive. So this usually involved a black rubbish bag, green face paint, a cheap rubber nose and a plastic witch hat! this was effective and cheap and I must say I thought I looked the bees knees.
I do remember one year though going to a halloween party at school and I wanted to be a dead bride. So my mum went hunting and found a white dress and vail from a charity shop, a long black wig and some fake teeth and I was looking the part ! definitely looked the part that disco! 

Would you rather???

  • walk through a graveyard at midnight? or Spend the night in an abandoned spooky house? Obviously the grave yard? I think I would run rather than walk though! 
  • Meet and vampire or meet a werewolf? Vampire definitely – I would try and have a conversation with them and convince them not to kill me!
  • Have to sleep in a coffin or sleep in a giant pumpkin? I would choose the pumpkin over and over again ! to claustrophobic in the coffin!
  • Be chased my 5 zombies or 1 werewolf? Think I would have to choose the zombies, they are much slower than werewolves!
  • carve a pumpkin or dunk for apples? Carve a pumpkin! more fun and it won’t ruin my make-up 

Do you prefer gore or thrillers?

I would have to go with thrillers! although I love a bit of blood and guts theres just something about watching a movie that plays with your mind! 

Whats your favourite scary movie to watch?

I love a horror! they don’t tend to scare me. I prefer ones about ghosts and supernatural things! however there is one film that terrified me and I had to turn it off and watch it in the morning and that was The Shining! I don’t know why but it really did scary living daylights out of me! 

Have you ever played with a Ouija Board?

Nope! noway! will never do one, heard way to many scary stories!

Have you ever played Bloody Mary?

When I was in secondary school this was the thing to do! I never did it myself (because I didn’t believe it) but a lot of people were doing it and ‘claiming’ they saw her!

If you got trapped in one scary movie, which would you choose?

Paranormally activity. I just think if I’m going to be stuck in a horror movie it may as well be one that has a nice house? 

In a zombie apocalypse what is your weapon of choice?

Think I would go for either a baseball bat or a very big sword! both very effective.


Hope you enjoyed this blog and you all have a spooky halloween! ps. notice how there is only 13 questions 😉 

Au revoir 

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