A males guide to female communication

Mens guide issue 1:

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that for a successful relationship communication is key and you will also agree when I say that men and women communicate in such different ways. I am not saying that women are better than men at communicating because lets face it ladies were not that great at it either however our communication isn’t so difficult yet men find us so hard to understand? So I want to put a quick and easy guide together for the men out there that struggle with us women.

Some key words to look out for:

Fine – We use this word to end an argument that we know we are right about and you should really stop talking.

Nothing – Means the opposite, there is always something. Worried?

Go ahead – This is more of a dare than permission. Continue at your own risk.

Whatever – Woman’s slang for F you.

That’s ok – 9/10 it is not ok and we are thinking of ways for you to pay for your mistake.

Wow – I wouldn’t take this as a compliment if I was you were normally amazed at how stupid on person can be.

It DOESN’T matter:

FYI – it always matters. Lets think of an example? Ask her what she wants for her birthday, her reply is ‘it doesn’t matter’. Oh it does. In fact she is thinking right now that you should know what she likes/wants. Just keep in mind that when a woman says something think the complete opposite.

be active listeners:

We are wafflers and worriers! Some things we may say might not make sense to you nor will it be relevant to you, however to us, how big or small, its playing on our mind. Let us talk to you about it and I don’t just mean talk to you while your  engrossed in the TV or your games. We want eye contact, expression and your constructive feedback!

ask her how her day went and how she is:

I know after a long day at work the first thing on your mind is to chill out in front of the TV or games and just shut down, but before doing any of that why not take half an hour to ask her how her day went?  Us women love to talk about our days antics! whether something exciting happened or not we just love to express ourselves! It will make us feel even better if you just asked us first ! and was genuinely interested in what happened to us throughout the day and believe it or not we are interested in your day too 🙂 Trust me this small gesture and devotion will be recognised and benefit you in the long run.

women love cleanliness:

This one definitely isn’t hard and is very simple! We love things clean! hoovered and mopped floors – yes please! the smell of air freshener, the sight of a clear side board and there is nothing better than fresh sheets!! We don’t like washing left beside the wash basket, hate crumbs left all over the kitchen work top and we really hate pee on the toilet seat! Ew!

its the small things that count:

Thought I would leave the most important to last! This has to be the easiest way for you men to gain brownie points with us women. We love the simple things (hard to believe sometimes). But how simple is it to send just couple texts a day to ask her how she is. To say that you are thinking about her? a peck on the forehead or cheek before you leave/when you get home? also a compliment goes a long way. Women are hopeless romantics and the small gestures really do work on us. This will be a big advantage to you!

If you truly want to win a woman’s heart in a relationship, pay attention to her and you will certainly see the results. Give it a try and you will be amazed at what you get.

Your welcome..

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3 thoughts on “A males guide to female communication

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Laureen!
    Very accurate, indeed! 🙂 I am reading this aloud for my husband to hear and understand and sharing a copy on his email. This should work. haha 🙂
    I enjoyed reading. Thank you for sharing.

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