My Week in a Nutshell

Happy weekend fellow readers! Another week in a nut shell special! 

How scary is it that Christmas is literally just round the corner? I think I have finished most of my shopping its just the dreaded wrapping left !! I’m just going to have to make a fun day out of this. films, music and lots of food to keep me going. 

I haven’t done a ‘My week in a nutshell’ for ages ! to be perfectly honest I haven’t been up to a lot. I have been working more and more, was hoping I would get a little time off before Christmas but hasn’t quite worked like then but enough of that on to the fun stuff. 

The lead up to Christmas is my favourite ! all the fun stuff you can do and get up to is great and this week in particular has been a very Christmassy week. So I went to the panto. This has been a family tradition of ours for years now! very year go, obviously when we was younger it would be just me and my sisters but now having nieces and a nephew we get to take them and start the tradition al over again ! 







After the panto the kids came over to spend the night with us !! this is where I got to have fun with the elf Dennis. I just love how magical it is for them atm, I remember being that way when I was young and the fact that I get to do that with them now is incredible ! 

For sure my favourite thing to do around Christmas time is decorate the tree of course!!!! and the house! we have so many decoration so it literally takes us all day and the house looks absolutely stunning afterwards. Have the Christmas songs blasting munchies on the go, this makes a fun filled day I can assure you. 

This week was also my works Christmas party and what an absolute laugh this was ! it was a night spent with some amazing people great food and A LOT of alcohol so now I have spent the rest of the weekend in bed! hangovers as I get over most certainly last longer but was definitely worth it. 


So as you can see I really have had an amazing week this week! its been fun and Christmassy! I am also doing the 25days of winter photo challenge which should be hopefully posted Christmas Day or Boxing Day ! so keep an eye out for that one ! 

I hope you are all having a wonderful December and your build up to Christmas is everything you wish for! 

Au Revoir



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